Adventure on the slopes of Tien-Shan

Adventure on the slopes of Tien-Shan

Adventure on the slopes of Tien-Shan is one of the famous and hard programs in Kyrgyzstan. 17 days of trekking to the most beautiful sights of Kyrgyzstan. The main highlights of this trip are skiing, a cultural tour and road trip combining high passes, spectacular panoramic views, camping at the altitude of 3000m, and 2700m, skiing in the high plateaus, visiting the handicraft center, and meeting with the eagle hunter. The program Adventure on the slopes of Tien Shan has demanded a high physical level and logistical preparation. If you have time, Adventure on the slopes of Tien Shan is the best option for the winter holiday because it includes The best season for Adventure on the slopes of Tien Shan in February and mid-March.  Welcome to Kyrgyzstan for backcountry skiing!

The notes:

  • The visa is not required for EU, Canadian, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Japanese passports with at least 6 months valid for a period do not exceed 60 days.
  • Vaccination against COVID19 or a negative PCR test is required to travel to Kyrgyzstan.
  • Please take adequate equipment for hiking in the mountains. Raincoat and good hiking shoes for the
  • Provide a small bag pack for picnic and personnel objects.
  • The tour is oriented for the adults, +17.
  • Provide your personal medicament the guide has only a basic pharmacy.
  • Please inform us in you have a preference for some foods; allergic or vegetarian.
  • For the confirmation of the trip, we ask 100$ prepayment as confirmation. In case of cancellation, we keep the prepayment. For the rest of the total amount, you have to pay in cash at your arrival in Bishkek.
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