Kyrgyzstan is a good option for trekking in the mountains. 93% of the Kyrgyz territory is covered with mountains which are Tien Shan (7439) and Pamir (7134) mountain ranges. Through the valleys, meadows, forests, mountain passes, along the rivers and lakes KAGAN Voyage will guide you to the heart of untouched nature. We can provide you tailor made trekking and one-day hiking tours according to your request, budget and time. Our trekking and one-day hiking tours will be 1700m. alt. – 4200m. alt.

Kyrgyz Trek 1

17 days trip with 11 days trekking

Itinerary: Bishkek city – Chon Kemin valley – Issyk-Kul lake – Karakol town – Chon Kizil Suu valley – Jukuchak valley – south shore of Issyk Kul lake – Son Kul lake – Kazarman village – Kizil Unkur valley – Kapka lake – Kara-Suu lake – Toktogul town – Suusamyr valley – return to Bishkek.

Kyrgyz Trek 2

10 days travel with 6 days of trekking, 2 days of horse riding, 2 days by a car

Itinerary: Bishkek city-Bokonbaeva village-Jukuchak valley-Kichi Kyzyl Suu valley-Chon Kyzyl Suu-Djeti Oguz valley-Teleti valley-Karakol valley -Sirota Refuge-Altyn Arashan valley-Karakol city

Kyrgyz Trek 3

26 days travel with 22 days of trekking

Itinerary: Chon Kemin national park – Kol Tor lake – Issyk Kul lake – Karakol city – Irdik lake – Kum Bell pass – Jyluu Suu pass – Chon kyzyl Suu valley – Savatar pass – Jumaty pass – Ashu Kashka Suu pass – Juuku valley – Juuku pass – Keregeu Tash valley – Tossor valley – Jyluu Suu hot spring – Teshik Kul lake – Ichke Tor valley – Karagoman valley – Son Kul lake – Kizart valley – Bichkek city.

Gallery of trekking in Kyrgyzstan with KAGAN Voyage