About Us

KAGAN Voyage is a small travel agency based in Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia. It was founded in 2016, by Azamat Joumashov. Azamat is a young Kyrgyz man who worked 9 years as a mountain guide. But also, he has a great experience in working in the office, training guides, travel planning, budget calculations, price negotiations, choosing local partners and providers of ecotourism services.
Since September 2016, KAGAN Voyage has begun to operate in full. We served 197 tourists from France, Switzerland, Austria, Israel, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Italy and the United States etc.The small team of KAGAN Voyage is very proud of its first-year result.
But also, KAGAN Corporation has other projects such as KAGAN Taxi, Guest house KAGAN and a small regional newspaper KAGAN Times. For KAGAN Voyage ecotourism is always a priority because we are passionate about showing our beautiful country with its unique culture and tradition to the whole world.

We specialize:

  • Trekking,

  • Different levels of horseback riding ,

  • Mountain biking and cycling

  • Circuit in 4×4 or minibus,

  • Rental cars,

  • Ski touring in the south of Issyk Kul and Suusamyr Valley.     

The KAGAN Travel team creates trips in collaboration with locals and in harmony with nature. We always take care of the region where our offers take place.                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Our team