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KAGAN Voyage is a tour operator based in Kyrgyzstan, the mountainous country. It situated in the heart of Central Asia, populated by peaceful and hospitable kyrgyz people. Since 2008, we have been operating all kinds of outdoor tours, tailor-made requests, assistance in the special expeditions. Well stoned 8 year experience allows us to create interesting and amazing programs due to perfect logistics which corresponds with quality - price. During the whole years KAGAN Voyage was formed as a professional team in tourism field including trekking & equestrian guides, reliable drivers, and local partners. Nowadays, we are able to say that KAGAN VOYAGE is travel genius.
"Kyrgyzstan is the best place for all mountain hiking enthusiasts.
Discover Tien Shan and Pamir with us! "
Azamat Joumashov
General manager
""Kyrgyzstan is a very beautiful Central Asian country whose culture and nature are still unknown ."
Guka Marsova
Marketing & Communication
"Kyrgyzstan offers unique trips which are full of adventure, cultural discovery, a discovery of the fauna and flora."
Makish Turusov
Transport manager
"Kyrgyzstan is the most democratic country in Central Asia and you can travel there without any bureaucratic problems"
Altynai Taalaibek
Booking manager

If you love trekking in the mountains, Kyrgyzstan is a good option. 93% of the Kyrgyz territory is covered by mountains which are Tien Shan (7439) and Pamir (7134) mountain ranges. Through the valleys, meadows, forests, mountain passes, along the rivers and lakes KAGAN Voyage will guide you to the heart of untouched nature. We can provide you tailor made trekking and one-day hiking tours according to your request, budget and time. Our trekking and one-day hiking tours will be 1700m. alt. - 4200m. alt.
Horseback riding is today, still, a part of daily life in Kyrgyzstan. Here, in the country of nomads, you will have the chance to explore and experience the life of a traditional nomad, complete with horses and yurt. Our local equestrian guides show you high mountains pass, turquoise colored lakes near the country's glaciers, green meadows, and crystal rivers. Along the tour, you learn the lifestyle of a traditional Kyrgyz nomad. Our team guarantees you wonderful views, authentic interactions with local peoples, and way of living that is thousands of years old.
Skibackcountry tours
Kyrgyzstan has a nickname "the Alps of Central Asia" as vast, mountainous terrains cover 93% of the country. Two famous mountain ranges run through it, The Tien Shan and Pamir Mountains, making it a skier's paradise. Snowcapped mountains are the natural backdrop for much of the country and offer a range of options for the lovers of skiing. Kagan Voyage has been organizing ski tours and ski backcountry since 2011. You will climb up valleys, tour through forests, spend nights in real yurts, discover nomads' traditions, and explore beautiful skiing areas in Celestial Mountains. Visit Kyrgyzstan in February and explore the mountains of nomads'!
Are you planning your trip to Kyrgyzstan? Do you enjoy the freedom of driving when and where you want to travel? Do you like to make decisions about where you would like to go and places you would like to explore? If so, renting a car from KAGAN Voyage is a great option for you to explore Kyrgyzstan ! We can help you to create an ideal itinerary and rent our best cars that matches your travel budget and itinerary.
Toyota Hilux Surf
€300/ deposit
250 km/day
Insurance included
Toyota Hilux Surf is a very functional car, useful in any life situation. Thanks to the high ground clearance and the reinforced suspension, the car easily overcomes even difficult road sections. The motor runs quietly enough, pulls perfectly and the design is simple. Thanks to the long base, the car is very stable on the road, even on slippery roads.
Mitsubishi Delica Chamonix
€300 deposit
250 km/day
Insurance included
Delica gives you freedom of movement. A large volume of the body allows you to transport large items or seven passengers. Deliсa predetermines an active lifestyle and gives a bunch of positive emotions to the company of friends and family for long trips and trips to nature.
Mitsubishi Outlander
€300 deposit
250 km/day
Insurance included
Comfortable, safe, reliable, and not requiring much knowledge. A large ground clearance allows to jump in almost all the curbs and not afraid of small off-road. A spacious interior allows to easily accommodate 3 adults in the back seat with comfort. A good eversion allows to grind on the narrower roads without any problems, even with some ease of maneuvering in urban traffic jams.

Our guesthouses
Kyrgyzstan is known as a country of great hospitality. KAGAN Voyage welcomes you to the guest house at Issyk Kul lake and in Toktogul city where you can feel kyrgyz hospitality. The first guest house is situated on the south shore of Issyk Kul lake and the second one is situated in the city center of Toktogul.
We try to make our guests feel like at home!
If you would like to book the room, please feel free to contact us.
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